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Fleet Management with the most
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Driver location monitoring History of vehicle driving tracked Long-Range Remote Panic Remote ignition interlock disabling technology
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Alcohol Related Crashes:

One person killed every half hour 1,400,000 DUI's issued each year 16,500 Deaths annually

Medical Related Crashes:

7% of crashes related to Diabetic & Alzheimer's Protect your loved ones

Impaired Driving: Alcohol/Drug concerns

Each year there are 3,000,000 impaired global driving incidents just from alcohol/drugs, with 71% of those deaths related to a 0.15 BAC.

Medical Worries Behind the Wheel

Medical worries, drugs, and alcohol significantly increase the time a person requires to react to a change in circumstance such as a red light.

Transportation Industry Cargo Theft

A vehicle theft occurs once every 32.2 seconds in the United States and incurs more than $6.5 billion in annual losses.

SafeKey System

The SafeKey System

Features Snapshot

  • Rapid and noninvasive assessment of reaction time
  • SOS feature
  • Theft prevention
  • Real time tracking
  • Results by SMS
  • Remote access
  • Geo-Fence

What others say about us

Scott Zalmes

“Thank you for your prompt and courteous response to our needs Your company has been first class when dealing with potential customers. We received the SafeKey this weekend. Again thank you for helping us.”

Scott Zalmes1/28/2013
Ernest Grumbles III

“SafeKey protects all of us. SafeKey is a great way to make a family commitment to ensuring everyone is ready to drive when they get behind the wheel.”

Ernest Grumbles III7/15/2010
Annette Heartwild

“SafeKey is easy to use, easy to install, and once you start using it, you will look at driving with more appreciation and seriousness.”

Annette Heartwild8/2/2010
Dave S.

“Everything is working great. Rob in your tech support got everything set up and we are pleased with your gps system. It certainly does what we need and much more . We are very pleased and I will spread the word about this fantastic product.”

Dave S.11/6/2013

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