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SafeKey Corporation was honored to be 1 of 10 vendors selected to Exhibit at the 2015 MADD National Conference in Washington DC – June 4-6 (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

The SafeKey System Stops Impaired Driving,

Keeping Your Roads and Your Loved Ones Safe.

Impaired Driving: Alcohol/Drug Issues

Each year there are 3,000,000 impaired global driving incidents just from alcohol/drugs, with 71% of those deaths related to a 0.15 BAC.

Medical Worries Behind the Wheel

Medical worries, dementia, diabetes, drugs, and alcohol significantly increase the time a person requires to react to a change in circumstance such as a red light.

The Breathalyzer Alternative

Features Snapshot

  • Rapid and noninvasive assessment of reaction time
  • Theft prevention
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What others say about us

"the SafeKey System saved my son's life"

Learn how the SafeKey System lead one mother to find her son lying in a ditch in the frigid Colorado winter, alone and heavily impaired. > read the true story