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World Progress Report helps to reduce drunk driving incidents

Innovative product helps reduce the risk of driving under the influence and impaired driving from side effects of aging.

Each year in the United States, over sixteen thousand deaths occur from drunk driving incidents, and close to one and a half million are charged with a DUI or equivalent offense.  While law enforcement has been continuing their efforts to crack down on this problem, incidents occur every day that could easily have been prevented had the driver simply refused to take the wheel in an impaired state.

Dr. Thomas Edwards, the founder and inventor of Safekey Corporation, was among one of those who drove impaired and suffered the consequences. “My experience being stopped for DUI was the most humiliating, degrading, embarrassing and expensive experience I’ve ever undergone," Dr. Edwards stated. "This incident motivated me to devise a means that was permanent, affordable and effective in preventing DUI’s.”

By innovating a unique device that tests eye-brain-hand response time, Dr. Edwards set out to help curb these incidents by disabling the vehicle in which an impaired person could potentially drive otherwise.  This system consists of two components -- an immobilizer, an electronic switch, which controls electric power to the engine starter, and a check module, which assesses the user’s neuro-motor response.

When the user activates the check module, the user simply duplicates a random pattern on a set of colored LED lights. If the response is within a safe level, the car can be started. After three failed tries, a driver cannot start the vehicle and cannot try the SafeKey again for about an hour.

By installing and utilizing this low-cost device in vehicles, families and individuals can help assure themselves that they are able to drive and are cognizant of their surroundings, reducing the risk of potential fatalities associated with impaired vehicle operation.  World Progress Report is working with Safekey Corporation in order to shed new light on this potentially life-saving product, and to provide additional non-branding information to Public Television regarding the risks of all kinds of impaired driving.


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