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SafeKey Receives Notice of Allowance for US Patent

SafeKey Corporation has received Official Notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C., that each and all of the twenty-five patent claims covering and protecting the Company’s SafeKey Products have been allowed by the Office.

The basic SafeKey device deters both impaired vehicle operation and vehicle theft.  Advanced versions of the SafeKey, also protected by the allowed patent claims, include the integrated use of multiple versions of GPS protection equipment that offers further personal and vehicle security.

SafeKey Corporation’s President, Mr. James Rennie, said: “The exceptionally unique attributes of the SafeKey offer avoidance of vehicular death, prevention of profound and wide-spread injury as well as stopping enormous property destruction.”

Mr. Rennie added: “These vital features provided virtually concrete assurance of patent protection for the SafeKey.  Nonetheless, the formal Notice of Allowance represents yet another important positive step in the advancement, credibility and growth of SafeKey Corporation.”


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