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The SafeKey Ignition Interlock System Saved My Son's Life

Denver, Colorado - 12:15am - Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Ms. Cardenas installed a complete SafeKey Ignition Interlock System on November 8th, 2014 as she was worried about her teenage son and the possibility of impaired driving due the influences of Alcohol and Marijuana.

the SafeKey System saved my son’s life

Once installed, the SafeKey system allows for detailed 24/7 tracking, giving Ms. Cardenas on-demand latitude and longitude coordinates of her son's vehicle. Her son was to be home at 11:00pm Saturday evening on the 6th of December, however he did not come home as planned. As her son was unresponsive to texts, Ms. Cardenas' instincts told her that something was wrong. This led her to check the website to determine the location and history of her son's car.

SafeKey Ignition Interlock Device Saved My Sons LifeThe SafeKey System lead a mother to find her son lying in a ditch in the frigid
Colorado winter, alone and heavily impaired.

The car had been parked in an unrecognized location and had not moved for over two hours. Ms. Cardenas, now equipped with the accurate location of her son's vehicle, drove directly to the location and quickly found his car. To her shock, her son was not in the car and nowhere to be found.

Ms. Cardenas searched the nearby park and found her son lying in a ditch in the frigid Colorado winter, alone and heavily impaired. Ms. Cardenas rushed him to a near by hospital, where her son's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) reading was nearly 4x the legal limit of 0.8. Her son remained at the hospital for 15 hours before he was stabilized and released into her care.

Now a few days later, her son is still recovering from this near fatal event, but doing much better. Ms. Cardenas was emotional when she called and thanked SafeKey on Sunday afternoon. In her words she said "the SafeKey System saved my son's life".

The SafeKey System Stops Impaired Driving.
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