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SafeKey Signs New Dealer for Ignition Interlock System in Seattle, WA

SafeKey®, the only provider of an ignition interlock system scientifically proven to assess cognitive impairment, curb reckless driving and prevent vehicle theft, today announced that it has signed a new dealer, Optimum Interlock LLC, based in Seattle, Wash.

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PeopleNet Partners with SafeKey Corporation

SafeKey has a new partner in PeopleNet, which has resorted to SafeKey Corporation to usher in the well-being of its valued customers by protecting their assets as well as monitoring the well being of the drivers. Call us up to know more.

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PeopleNet offering key fob for driver, cargo protection

PeopleNet has partnered with SafeKey, to provide what it says is the first system from an industry technology provider to offer asset protection and driver well-being monitoring.

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An accident avoided with a SafeKey Ignition Interlock device

SafeKey’s superior and innovative ignition interlock device is extremely easy to use and install, and provides 100% safety to the drivers during any problem while driving and also alerts while drunken driving. Contact our team now to know more.

Cowboys 'considering' use of impairment tests for players cars

Hill didn't say that Dallas would utilize SafeKey, but said it's a possibility. ... Safekey, based on their website, isn't a breathalyzer test.

Cowboys mull ignition interlock device to immobilize players' cars

The device, SafeKey, includes a small fob that is attached to the key ring, which sends electronic signals to a complementary device.

KSTP Eyewitness News Interviews SafeKey

SafeKey Corporation is now on air! Recently, the famous KSTP Eyewitness news interviewed KSTP about the various innovative safety products and features they use to make the drivers feel safe and secured always. Watch the interview to know more.

SafeKey Corporation Receives Patent

The United States Patent & Trademark Office has issued SafeKey Corporation’s innovative SafeKey system its patent number. It is, without a doubt, one of the most safest and helpful safety innovations done for ensuring safety of drivers.

Chilean Company Signs On As SafeKey Distributor in South America

SafeKey Corporation is in Chile, South America now. It has partnered with the Chilean company Zimex Limatada to make all its devices available in South America. Contact our office today to know more about the services.

SafeKey Corporation Receives Better Business Bureau Accreditation

SafeKey’s honesty and positive services in the marketplace has ripped its first fruits: it has been bestowed with the Better Business Bureau accreditation. Our transparent business and integrity have been our key to capture the market in such a short span.