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Who is SafeKey Corporation?

SafeKey Corporation was created by a small group of professionals interested in finding ways to reduce the number of impaired drivers and prevent drunk driving on the nation's roads, while also making it much more difficult for thieves to steal vehicles.

• A privately held, Minneapolis-based corporation founded in 2009.

• Exclusively focused on safety tools and deterrents.

• At SafeKey Corporation we are focused on the way teenagers, adults and seniors think prior to operating a motor vehicle.

The Problem

  • Impaired Driving

    3,000,000 impaired global driving incidents annually just from alcohol/drugs.

  • Medical Worries behind the Wheel

    It’s well known that many medical worries, drugs, including alcohol, significantly increase the time a person requires to react to a change in circumstance such as a red light or obstruction in the road.

  • Diabetic, Alzheimer’s and Dementia

    Driving by diabetic patients may be impaired by three factors: hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, and diabetes complications.
    1 in 10 have Alzheimer’s in the US (over 65). Dementia and Alzheimer’s impacts the concentration and quick reaction times that safe driving requires.

  • Vehicle Theft

    A vehicle theft occurs once every 32.2 seconds in the United States and incurs more than $6.5 billion in annual losses.

We Are Restless for Change

We do not see enough driver accountability, reckless driving culture, drunk driving, poor decision making, act first think later, first offenders become re-offenders at a 52% rate. We believe it is due to no behavioral or habit change. Unfortunately it plays out that the offender receives a ticket, pays a fine, receives his or her license back, and resumes same driving habits immediately.

The SafeKey System Changes Behavior

  • The SafeKey systems are an effective decision support method
  • Implementation is rapid and flawless
  • Low cost solution to show proactive approach to the pervasive problem of impaired driving, medical concerns and vehicle theft