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FAQ about the SafeKey System

If you are not fully satisfied with the SafeKey system simply call our toll free number (1-877-920-8230) and you will receive a full refund minus shipping & handling for your purchase, no questions asked. If the system is installed, there will be a fee charged by the installer to remove the SafeKey system from your vehicle.)

This is a common and understandable question. In fact, we recommend to our customers that upon receipt of the SafeKey System they take several days to practice the Check Module before the Immobilizer is installed. In essence, this Module can be considered to be a very small ‘video’ game that takes only 2½ seconds to play. Customers quickly find they can pass the Check immediately and rarely think much about it other than it is a bit of fun. Also, it is important to remember that the installed SafeKey has another very important feature: It deters thieves from stealing your vehicle.

Nothing else. The SafeKey Check Module, normally attached to one’s keychain, only communicates with the specific Immobilizer that is installed in the vehicle. The factory-supplied keys still independently control car doors, lights, fuel port, trunk opening and closing, etc. Thus, one can perform these actions as needed. In the event a person has a remote starter, it can be activated by successfully operating the Check Module and immediately remotely starting the vehicle. The microwave signal range of the Module is about 100 feet, line-of-sight.

The SafeKey Check Module is designed to resist water penetration through the use of a special silicone membrane to protect the sophisticated microwave circuitry. Although the Check Module is considerably less prone to failure after falling in water than cell phones, it is important to avoid moisture as thoroughly as possible.
In such a case, we recommend you directly contact your Installer. That person will know a great deal about the installation and can, most likely, either rectify the installation or determine the hardware may be inoperative. In this case, the installer will contact the factory for remediation.
The battery life of the Check Module is dependent upon the frequency of use; users applying the device more frequently will have somewhat less battery life than a unit used less frequently. However, the Check Module, being equipped with two large lithium polymer batteries is expected to have at least two years of average life. When the batteries reach the point they need replacement, we recommend you take the Check Module to your installer.
The SafeKey System can be installed in virtually any vehicle. However, there may be few but certain vehicles that are so unique that retro-fitting the Immobilizer cannot be done. 

In this unfortunate incident, the Check Module will have to be replaced – just as in the case of any lost key. We recommend that you contact your Installer and order a second one. The cost of these replacements is $49.95 – In contrast to the replacement costs of a standard electronic car key which cost around $150. However, the Installer may charge a small fee to synchronize your new Check Module.

Another alternative is to purchase the Standard SafeKey Plus, which comes with 2 Check Modules. This way you will always have an extra Check Module on-hand in case you lose one. You will still need to have your Installer program the second Check Module to your specific immobilizer but you will not have to pay for a new Check Module.

If the SafeKey System is defective within one year from purchase, it will be replaced at no hardware cost to you. This assumes that the product has not been mistreated or abused by the customer.  Contact your Installer, there may be a fee to remove the device from your vehicle. However, the electronics are thoroughly tested at numerous manufacturing stages and defective items are extremely rare.
This must be ascertained by your installer. However, be assured if you properly contact them and schedule your appointment, they will work promptly and efficiently.
Yes, there is a full one year guarantee on the hardware provided that the product has not been mistreated or abused by the customer.

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