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This new app conveniently delivers the amazing technology of the SafeKey Check Module right to your iPhone. The impairment test combines facial recognition with touch screen technology. On your iPhone, go to Apple's App Store, search "iDrive?" and look for SafeKey's logo to download your iDrive? app today.

How does impairment impact driving safety?

Mental impairment can be caused by many factors, which include, but are not limited to alcohol, fatigue, low blood sugar, drugs, both prescription, legal and otherwise, causing slow rates of stimulus-reaction performance, and the like. Because driving a vehicle safely requires the ability to execute a clear, cognitive, rapid response to ever-changing and often unexpected changes in the driving environment, it is absolutely necessary that drivers are always at the top of their game. Conversely, sufficient mental impairment, whatever the reason, greatly compromises the safety of the driver and others who share the road. At SafeKey Corporation we are hard at work each and every day, reminding all drivers that it is not recommended to mix operating a vehicle with being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Creating awareness educates us so that we become more accountable drivers. It only takes one bad decision to change your or someone else's life forever. With the SafeKey iDrive? app, you and your loved ones will find out if they should drive or not... before it's too late. Think of it as Preparing and Preventing. Our technology logs the GPS position, date, time and facial recognition of the driver when he/she took the test for statistical purposes. In our next app version rolling out in 30 days, we'll provide customized reports, ability to access data on our secure server and alerts sent to loved ones via text and email.