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Meet the Team

SafeKey Corporation was created by a small group of professionals interested in finding ways to reduce the number of impaired drivers traveling the nation’s roads, while also making it much more difficult for thieves to steal vehicles.

Michael J. Sowada


Mike Sowada has been a business and technology leader for 30 years. Before SafeKey, Mike was CEO and/or Founder of Data Center Advisors, VISI, Digital North and DKS Systems. Mike also has extensive business and technology experience at companies such as TDS Telecommunications, Accenture and Musicland Group; plus numerous consulting roles for Fortune 500 companies down to small start-ups.

Mike has won numerous awards, including being named “2009 Entrepreneur of the Year” and “2005 Emerging Entrepreneur”, for his contributions and leadership in the business community. Mike has been a guest speaker at the University of St. Thomas, University of Minnesota and numerous business organizations.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Mankato State University and an MBA in Venture Management from the University of St. Thomas.

Dr. Tom Edwards PhD

Inventor, Developer of the SafeKey,
Co-Founder of the SafeKey Corporation

Dr. Tom Edwards, magna cum laude engineering graduate of Purdue University. He invented, developed, and patented the SafeKey. Dr. Edwards has received approximately 100 U.S. and foreign patents.

Having gained an interest in deterring impaired driving, a serious worldwide problem, Dr. Edwards began to study and research breath-alcohol technology and applications of Breathalyzer equipment. Edwards concluded that conventional equipment, even if accurate, was not evaluating the basic factor that results in unsafe driving: Stimulus/Reaction Rate.
Armed with this information his goal was to develop a product that would detect genuine stimulus /response impairment.

The patented SafeKey that was chosen and produced and is now being sold, consists of two solid-state electronic devices: a small Impairment Check Module (normally keychain-attached to the vehicle’s key) and an engine Immobilizer Module that is controlled by the Check Module.

Dr. Richard Galbraith M.D.

Executive Vice President,
Co-Founder of the SafeKey Corporation

Dr. Galbraith has been a Board- Certified Neurologist since 1967. He completed his post- graduate training at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota. He then joined a prominent Neurological and Psychiatric Clinic in Minnesota. He is a Clinical Professor of Neurology at the University of Minnesota and has been an Examiner for the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry. He has also served as Chief of Staff of Fairview Southdale Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dr. Galbraith has also played a significant role in increasing safety in sports nationwide. He was instrumental in placing the first engineered plastic hockey helmet on a player in 1967. Use of this helmet is now mandatory from Squirt Hockey to the National Hockey League. He also played a critical role in adding the facemask to hockey players’ equipment in 1975 and in 1982 replaced the molded goalie face mask with the “Cage Mask.” These safety measures have significantly reduced the number of face, eye and head injuries hockey players receive each year.

Christine Reiersgord

EVP Director of Operations

Ms. Christine Reiersgord is a veteran entrepreneur who has provided key operational support for a variety of successful enterprises. At SafeKey, she manages the operational and administrative functions of the Company’s office. Her position involves overseeing inventory at the fulfillment center, materials management, and sourcing management. She is responsible for cultivating and maintaining vendor relationships, and the overall quality of SafeKey products.

As Director of Operations, Chris authorizes all purchases and provides onsite sales support. She also participates in the training and development of new employees – implementing initiatives that allow Safekey to run effectively and efficiently.

Chris’ specialties include: reviewing bills and statements, analyzing revenue projections, and assisting in the hiring and recruitment processes.


Matthew Ricketts

Matthew Ricketts

National Customer Service Manager

Matthew Ricketts is the National Customer Service Manager for SafeKey Corporation. Matthew has a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communications from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN. He joined the team in 2015. Before SafeKey Matthew worked for a Technology based company and also brings with him International Freight Broker experience. His organization, dedication and ability to handle many avenues of the business has helped establish him within the team. What you will notice most about Matthew is his SafeKey passion.

He is excited for what the future holds. Matthew has daily direct interaction with SafeKey’s clients and sees on a daily basis how the SafeKey Systems have not only changed lives but also saved them.

Kevin O’Donnell

Director of Installation

Kevin O’Donnell is the Director of Installation at SafeKey Corporation. Kevin has an Associates degree in Mobile Electronics from Mobile Dynamics in Toronto, Canada where he graduated at the top of his class. He is MECP Bronze and Silver certified. Kevin has been in the electronics industry for over 13 years He has extensive in depth working experience working on all types of automobiles and, semi-trucks, and numerous other types of fleet vehicles. Kevin joined the SafeKey team in January of 2012.

Kevin is honored to be working with the team at SafeKey. He believes in what the SafeKey system does to prevent impaired driving and medical worries behind the wheel.

Devon Shendleman

Business Development Consultant

Devon Shendleman grew up in the interlock business and now owns and runs one of the nation’s most successful interlock contract centers with multiple locations. Devon brings strong industry and business experience, as well as an educational background from the University of Denver to the SafeKey team. Devon’s primary goal is to remain at the forefront of his industry and is currently completing a Masters Degree at the University of Denver. Giving back to the community at large is important to Devon. He has served on the Board of Directors for one of Colorado’s top non-profits, Heritage Camps For Adoptive Families 501(c)(3). Devon is excited to bring his skills and passion to the SafeKey team to help them remain a leader in the industry.

Dan Oksnevad

Marketing Consultant

Dan Oksnevad is an energetic marketer and entrepreneur. He holds a B.A. in Business, Marketing, and International Business from Trinity International University (Chicago, IL) with a minor in Computer Information Systems. He has education in marketing strategy and policy, experience with branding and targeted campaigns, and has a strong passion and talent for the creative.

Dan’s expertise includes everything from managing high volume e-commerce platforms to branding start-up businesses. At SafeKey, he balances the technical side of development and marketing with the creative. Specialties include: Project Management, Digital Strategy, Design, Photography, Branding, Social Media, Web Development, e-commerce, SEO, SEM, Marketing Strategy and Consultation.

Jon Cummings

Special Consultant

Jon Cummings has a very personal reason for serving as a special consultant to SafeKey. Sadly, he and his wife lost their son to a head-on collision with a drunk driver. The Cummings decided to put their grief into action by forming the organization, “Minnesotans for Safe Driving".

For close to fifteen years, the Cummings have given presentations to young drivers and DUI/DWI recipients about the tragic consequences of drinking and driving and have worked for change and progress in keeping impaired drivers off the road.

Paul Douglas

Principal Business Strategist

Paul Douglas (aka Douglas Paul Kruhoeffer) is a nationally respected meteorologist, with 30 years of broadcast television and 36 years of radio experience. Mr. Douglas graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology from Pennsylvania State University. Paul has also authored 2 books and has taught Broadcast Meteorology at St. Cloud State University. Mr. Douglas, a successful entrepreneur, joined Safekey because he was impressed by the technology, the team and the opportunity to save lives.